About me

Good Morning,

I'm Agnes Borchers .. but everyone calls me Püppi .. Passionate construction machine operator .. and a real Northern Lights!

My year of construction is 1994! A Capricorn through and through!

After my apprenticeship (gardening and landscaping), I made my dream come true in 2013 and became a machinist as a career changer.  

Since December 2016 I've been taking you into my life on the construction site in the social media world. 

Do you want to know more about me? Then just take a look at my Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok page.

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 Otherwise there isn't really much to say about me. I like going to festivals, meeting friends and going to tractor pullings.

I don't have many hobbies because I have made my greatest passion my job.

My guideline: "If someone tells you 'You can't do that !!' ... Always remember that it is their limits and not yours!"

But now have fun browsing!

All the best!

Your Püppi